Privacy policy


Here is how we protect the personal information declared during financial transactions carried out on We are aware that security and privacy issues on the Internet are of concern to you. These questions concern us too! Our team has taken care to design a direct ordering system that will allow you to make your purchases with peace of mind, knowing that the personal information you provide will be treated securely.


You are certainly wondering, with good reason, “My personal data, who will have access to it?” Spoutnik Gaspésie will not, at any time, sell, rent or share information about its customers. All information of a personal nature concerning our customers will always remain confidential. We GUARANTEE it!


The information we collect about our customers is transmitted securely and confidentially. This information is used to improve our service and provide you with as personalized and enjoyable a customer experience as possible.

The information that you provide to us and that is used during the transaction is kept in your profile and is only used to process your requests and communicate with you. Information obtained automatically, for example when you communicate with us or during your visits to, is used as cookies. These do not store any personal information about you and are used only to provide you with advertisements that will be relevant to you; based on your interactions.

If you wish to modify the information on your account, you only have to go to your account to update it. You can configure your browser at any time to block cookies. However, this action may deprive you of certain functions offered on the site.